Graphene Research Limited is a professional company supplying LARGE monolayer, bilayer and few-layer graphene flakes on various substrates fabricated by micromechanical cleavage.

     Graphene Research Limited is also supplying high quality and low price medium- and small-size graphene flakes on SiO2/Si with alignment crosses. Please contact us for details. 

     Graphene membrane is also  available now. This graphene membrane product is monolayer or bilayer graphene flakes on copper TEM grids which is 3.05mm in diameter and 2000 mesh.

     If you are interested in working with graphene flakes and graphene membranes, we have an online shop of samples for sale with free shipping. We can make samples according to your requirements as well.

     You can choose different currencies to make payments (as shown on the top-right).  How to pay?! Credit card, debit card, and paypal are preferred. You also can pay by bank transfer (contact us in advance).